Books on Sicily and Sicilian immigrants

Leman, J. (1999). ‘The sanctity of Sicilian home and friendship changing into religion-based community formations: the city of Caltanissetta at the end of the 20th century’, in Foblets, M.C. and C.L. Pang (eds.). Cultuur, etniciteit en migratie. Liber Amicorum Prof. Dr. E. Roosens. edition:1st ed. pages:17-28.

About the processes of differentiation since the 1980s.

Leman, J. (1987). From Challenging Culture to Challenged Culture. The Sicilian code and the socio-cultural praxis of Sicilian immigrants in Belgium. Leuven, University Press, 184 p. 

Abstract: The first Part of the book presents the socio-cultural code in Sicily as observed in the Province of Caltanissetta. The second Part is based on several years of fieldwork among Sicilians from the Province of Caltanissetta: urban Brussels and semi-rural Genk in the Province of Limburg in Belgium. The various forms of collective praxis are dealt with separately. The author insists that the immigrants move as subjects: they are not passive elements, not just pawns, predestined by their circumstances or by one or another phase of the immigration history.

Leman, J. (1982). Van Caltanissetta naar Brussel en Genk. Leuven: Acco.